We would like to understand why academics choose to participate—ask questions or not—during academic seminars. If you are a student or an academic at any stage of your career and would like to help us out, please take part in our quick survey here. It will take 5-10 min to complete some quick questions and your answers will be completely anonymous.


    In case you are interested in the findings of the survey, please bookmark this page, which we will update once the survey is completed.


    If you would like more information about our study, please contact any of us with these contact details:

    Dr Alecia Carter: ac854 (a) cam.ac.uk

    Dr Gillian Sandstrom: gsands (a) essex.ac.uk

    Dr Dieter Lukas: dl384 (a) cam.ac.uk

    Dr Alyssa Croft: alyssac (a) email.arizona.edu

    Participation in academic seminars—a quick survey